Forest Information Service By Unit of land parcel

What is the Forest Information Service By by unit of land parcel?

It is the information on the mountain I own, or the forest information of a region I know. What forest products will grow well in this area? And, how much income can I expect if I cultivate forest products for about 10 years? You may satisfy all of these curiosities with only one click.

The user may find a location he/she wants by searching addresses and inquire various kinds of forest information on the land in which he/she has interest.

In addition, inquiry results can be saved in a form of a report such as Hangule and pdf.

Forest Information

From the Forest Information Service by unit of land parcel, you may find information on forest type, soil, forest land productivity, topography, climate and landslides hazard.

In particular, it provides information on proper trees to cultivate and proper tree species to afforest in the selected forest. Since 2013, Korea Forestry Promotion Institute (KOFPI) has provided information on suitable land for cultivating 52 species of short-term forest products and information on for 19 species added in 2015.

Among them, income analysis on 16 species of forest products such as income amount or income rate is also provided.

Background Map Aerial photograph, numerical map, Hybrid map, Administrative District, Cadastral map (V world, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) / Forest Service, Korea Forestry Promotion Institute
Land Information Officially assessed land value, Area, Current state of land use (V world, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
Proper forest products to cultivate tree fruit(12 species), Wild edible greens (13 species), Medicinal herbs (16 species), Medicine plants (10 species), sap(1 species), a total 52 species Optimal land/Available land, Statistics on cultivation state, Cultivation technologies
Proper trees to afforest 38 recommended trees to afforest such as representative trees and useful trees
Forest land productivity Forest land productivity degree, Production capacity
Income Analysis Income amount and income rate according to the calculation criteria of 16 species of short-term forest products
Tree Information Trees, diameter (cm), Age(year), Degree of closure (%)
Soil Information Climatic zone, Altitude (m), Aspect, Slope, Soil depth (cm), Texture, Humidity, Consistency
Climate Information Annual mean temperature (℃), Annual mean precipitation (mm), Monthly highest /Lowest temperature (℃)
Landslide hazard Hazard degree
Forest cleaning Information Forest Clean rating
Terrain Information Elevation, Slope, Aspect
Environment Analysis Target areas of Growing Forest, Feasible areas of felling

About key functions

The user may find a lot number he/she wants by Searching by parcel number, you can find and inquire detailed forest information on the selected land parcel.

① The user can search an accurate location by entering address of a forest he/she wants to inquire information on it.
② Inquiries and results of forest information of the searched location can be documented in a form of a report. (Information on 151 species, such as proper trees to grow and afforest.)
③ A forest thematic map can be also inquired both on the numerical map and an aerial photograph.