Forest Information Analysis Service

What is the Forest Information Analysis Service?

Do you want to know which location of plant colony of pine trees aged over 50? By only several clicks, you can find an answer of it using the Forest Information Analysis Service.

You can analyze various kinds of forest information according to your own purpose and view analyzed results such as forest distribution on the map. The user can easily find a result by selecting regions that meet requirements and following each step based on information on forest type (Tree Information), soil and proper trees to afforest.

The Forest Information Analysis Service can be used to select an optimized land to cultivate forest products or analyze regions subject to afforestation.

Object of Forest Information Analysis

From the Forest Information Analysis Service, the user can make a choice on a total of 17 items including tree information (4 items), soil information (12 items ), proper trees to afforest (1 items ) to find a location that satisfies the requirements.

Tree Information Forest type , Age, Diameter, Density
Soil Information Distance to the Coast, Topography, Climatic zone, Parent rock, Slope, Altitude, Aspect, Soil depth, Organic Matter, Texture, Humidity, Consistency
Proper trees to afforest Trees

About key functions

This service allows the user to analyze various kinds of forest information selectively according to user's own purpose and to identify out the distribution of applicable forest by specific requirements.

① For smooth provision of this analysis service, select a location by entering its minimum unit such as eup/myeon/dong first and then select requirements for analyzing an optimal place.
② The user may obtain detailed forest information on the location and land that meet the selected requirements.