Global Forest Information Service

What is global forest information services?

The Korea Forestry Promotion Institute (KOFPI) is promoting the development and operation of global forest resources in order to become a global forest service organization. In addition, we are carrying out various activities in order to lay the foundations for overseas cooperation projects and strengthen our capabilities.

The KOFPI has signed MOU with Vietnam’s Forest Inventory and Planning Institute (FIPI) to promote the Dadream system’s overseas expansion and achievements, and implemented a pilot project to build a forest information utilization system in Vietnam. The system is well-received in the field of customized forest information services.

Through this pilot project, we will establish a forest information network in Southeast Asia and the KOFPI will become a foundation for becoming a specialized institution for global forest information.

About Key Functions

① Search by Vietnamese address system (Province, District, Commune) and forest management area (Compartment)
② View forest and soil information

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