Analysis on Expected Income from Forest Products

What is the Analysis on Expected Income from Forest Products?

Based on case studies on farms of 16 species of short-term forest products, information on the expected income amount and income rate according to some criteria (area, period) can be identified.

What is the Economic Analysis?

: As a method to review feasibility of a business used by an individual business entity before starting the business, it is also called profitability analysis.

: The result of this economic analysis can be used when an individual entity selects one among several businesses or when an entity selects a profitable management method from one business.

: (that is, it can be used when selecting a profitable product to cultivate between persimmon tree and shiitake mushroom and when selecting a profitable management method between facility cultivation and outdoor cultivation in cultivating shiitake mushroom.)

What is the Income (Income Rate) Analysis?

: It is a method for an individual management entity to identify performance based on earning and spending incurred while running a business.

: The result of this analysis can be used to promote management efficiency by identifying causes of increase or decrease of income, setting up management direction for increase of income and avoiding decrease of income.

: (that is, an individual farm can identify causes of increased spending and find out improvements for increasing income through the income analysis.)